I World and Management


I World Sdn. Bhd. company was set up primarily to supply foreign workers to qualified business in Malaysia. I World as a total solutions provider for manpower supply, hostel management, transportation, and cleaning service. With our in valuable years of experience, we have the human capital to provide excellent services to our clients. We also specialize in Human Resources Services & Consultancy, Permanent and Temporary Recruitment, Managed Services and Outsourcing.

We make this happen through the help of our network of agents in various countries, such as Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.




Manpower Supply

We supply manpower to a wide variety of industries including: manufacturing, engineering, construction, plantation, hotel services and other service sectors.
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Cleaning Services

If you want to rest & relax after a hard day’s work & spend time with your family instead of having to do housework, make I World as your choice for your home cleaning needs.
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Expatriate and Maid

Why go through all the hassel getting rejected in esd quata or on your professional staff visa , leave it to us we can solve your problem.
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