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Our senior directors are retired immigration officer with more than 20 years experience in immigration field. The said company was set up primarily to supply foreign workers to qualified business in Malaysia.

I World as a total solutions provider for manpower supply, hostel management, transportation, and cleaning service. With our invaluable years of experience, we have human capital to provide excellent services to our clients. We also specialize in Human Resources Services & Consultancy, Permanent and Temporary Recruitment, Managed Services and Outsourcing.

Each year, we are able to provide over 1,000 people with flexible employment opportunities: We make this happen through the help of our network of agents in various countries, such as Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Our main motive is always providing good services to the company, and also providing services on long term basis with good quality. We supply manpower with a competitive price prevailing in the current market of Manpower Supplier.


I World aspires to be one of the top performers among the JointStock Manpower Services in Malaysia by deploying the best and qualified workers. I World endeavors in giving a matter of fundamental corporate policy, a balanced employment benefits. The company also aims to create honest, sincere and mutual relationship with foreign employers in order to assure and sustain high level of competency, professionalism and satisfaction of workers and employers ultimately rebounding to improved quality of life for the families as reliable source highly competitive workforce.


Our mission is to provide employment service which benefits our clients and to be the top choice one-stop human capital solution. We are fully licensed by the Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources for all employment agency activities including foreign workers recruitment and placements.

To achieve this mission and vision, we have carefully laid out the following strategies back tip with our existing resources and comprehensive understanding of the recruitment process.

  • We have a team of well trained and efficient staff to handle all aspect of manpower mobilization, screening, documentation and recruitment.
  • Providing our employees with the opportunities to develop and advance commerce and information technology to continuously develop a competitive advantage in the delivery of our services.
  • Speed up development of high level quality workspace and continuously improve our processes to increase our productivity.
  • To supply legal, disciplined and hardworking workers from various countries as per the requirements of our clients.


  • We are open, reacting, professional and committed to our clients needs and proved ourselves as loyal, honest as commercial partners.
  • We do not take any risk to disgrace out reputation and out commercial dealings are never touched.
  • Regarding the social aspect the company is reputable and performing its responsibilities towards safety which reflected on its development.


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